His Excellency Mr. Ambassador Gabriel B Homem

He is the Ambassador of the provisional Government of the Republic of Kabinda to the United Kingdom. We are very please to our sponsor with honour, because of your support materially, finance and all equipments necessary.

There is no more time to lose. We do not allow the Angolan Government for the occupation of our territory; we are close to leads our country. We welcome the Countries who are  interested to collaborate with us.

The Cabinda people are suffering disasters, misery, illegal arrest, murder, torture, and the women are rapes; all this human right abuse. And this crimes are committed by Angolan government (MPLA).  My people are already tired with the regime of terrorist (MPLA).  We heard the messages of Mr. Paulo Lukamba Gato we warn Mr. Jose Eduardo do Santos who uses a lies in the peoples of Angola's Cabinda people; [Cabinda to Cunene], [one people, and one nation] is just lie.

The Kabinda people are differences with Angolans. The republic of Cabinda is in central Africa and Angola is in Africa austral; and we have a different culture, languages that why we will fight you until you leave Cabinda in peace. Generations to generations; long live republic of Kabinda!    

The Republic of Cabinda requires changes.

We, the provisional Government of the Republic Cabinda we are firm in our belief, confident in our goal and commitment that we will provide change and the new direction of the new Government to our country.  

Our FLEC Government will help the family and community, we will work to together, in our responsibility to support the people of the republic of Cabinda, we are terminated to work hard and to improve to build new republic of Cabinda, industry, street, building, agricultures, international Cabinda airport, international port, Olympics Stadium to all the provinces of Cabinda and we will created more jobs.