The Minister of Defence and security of the Republic of Kabinda they decided to created SIRKA and Black Command Army

June 7, 2011

Gabriel B Homem Minister of Defence and Security of Republic of Kabinda they created Service of Intelligence of Republic of Kabinda abbreviation [SIRKA].

So far he also as builds new army name of Black Command Army of Republic of Kabinda; this will be fighting on the ground and flying heavy machine they work together with oldest Army FLEC for all, to liberate the nation soon.

The Minister of Defence and security of the Republic of Kabinda they decided to created SIRKA and Black Command Army because he has seen that the governments of the Republic of Kabinda have a great task to do; because of his length of the  government who live in exile he decided that the SIRKA will be the high agency to help to investigate the crime committed from the colonist Angolan government and the SIRKA is the Service of the Intelligence  of the Republic of Kabinda they also will be given power  to operate inside the Country and outside.

Base on the ARTICLE/ 100/ACT/2011they also will chare they intelligence in the World against the Angola MPLA government and Terrorist or different groups who want to destroy the national security of the Country but before somebody can become SIRKA shall be first the man of security of the Republic of Kabinda after they leaders gain full trust to him/or/her then the person can be given the chance to became SIRKA.

They also can be in politic or outside the politic in the army both army BLACK COMAND ARMY, FLEC ARMY or in the SECURITY AND SIRKA, but they have the right of obligation to follow the law of the Country and to respect the human being they have no right to kill anyone accept on self defences against the enemy.

Only they shall provide the intelligence to the Leader and Leader will pass it to the Minister of Defence and Security and SIRKA, then will be investigate the situation with his high staff before he lets know the government to take action, if its emergency of any conspiracy any attack of the citizens the Minister of the staff shall act soon possible to protect the Country or the president and politicians on the Country.

To be one of the SIRKA they also shall believe in God and to learn to love his Country doesn’t matter separation of life or living at list he believe that he can act to protect his people and respect the 10 commandment given to Moses from God in Egypt.


SIRKA work and SECURITY as the some method of USA CIA, FBI, and the UK, SCOTLANDYARD Police.

The difference of the security of Republic of Kabinda they operated in side only the Country. Just like FBI in America to protect the people and if is possible to fight inside, then Black army and FLEC army will come soon possible they also have no right to kill innocent person or causing disorder in the Country just to arrest and the shall investigated by SIRKA both SECURITY and SIRKA shall learn the law given to Moses from God commandment in Egypt and government of Kabinda law. They have no right to kill accept to protect the people and national security of the Republic of Kabinda.

The Minister of defences and Security, SIRKA said that from today our army of FLEC & BLACK ARMY from now 06/06/2011 has no right to kill any civilians or foreign of any party in the Country including civilians of Angola only they have right to fight with enemy terrorist Army of Angola if they come to attack them until then No! He is not happy at all because of the killing civilians are sins in the presence of God.

He believe that soon possible the enemy if they come to attack our army of both army soon God will weaken them and collapse on the ground of combat  for the sins of kills of the people of Kabinda. On 31/05/2011 God gave him that dream  that Republic of Kabinda soon will be free but have no vengeance  of any attack, live them to start then they will be delivered by God both  BLACK army and FLEC army shall work together  continue training new system of winning the war to able crash enemy and surround them, but don’t kill the captures and one who give up the fight both army have the right to arrest the spy and  prison them don’t torture anyone provide meal and right of treatment ARTICLE /101 /ACT/ 2011 until chief of staff receive order from Minister of defences Gabriel B Homem.

He also advice the nation of Kabinda don’t worried that he understand the civil law and the international law that why he went to study it in the way to protect you. And he pray for you that our God will never leave you to be continuing to be colonized by MPLA terrorist forever.  He also has dream that our friends United State of America, United Kingdom South Arab and France, our friends in America Latin will come together and they will help us to defeat the enemy. If the Angolan MPLA refuse to go than we will have no alternative to declare Holy war but now Nkota Likanda and understand waiting patiently for MPLA to act for independency of Kabinda.

For the Angola Citizens or Migration who live in Kabinda the FLEC government will providers right for you if you help this struggle and children’s who was born there will received the some benefit as Kabinda we will work together Cabinda’s and Angolans for the some bread if the MPLA accept to leave Kabinda and soon possible without the war we will provide some benefit but if not than our relationship will be very bad. As the defences and security of Republic of Kabinda I repeat to ask Jose Eduardo dos Santos to negotiate for our transference of FLEC government soon possible, because if you not consider this warning than when the fight will came by God willing we will defeat your army  in Kabinda than we will take Luanda, Benguela, and some of your Angola territory because every bad  you do to other  you pay it here in this World, that we hope that the people of Angola to know that FLEC government are not against them but against the colony of MPLA ZE Do we don’t want blood.

Our friends are ready to fight you and I tell you truth no government  will fight with willing of God first Example Egypt, king Farao, Mubarak  your friend Magbo Cote D'ivoire  collapse  your friends will abandon you and join us peacefully resolution they; Will never be happy to stand to wrong side including your family thank you.  


Demand the Whereabouts

June 3, 2011




The direction of FLEC comes through this request every person of good will who has seen the Lord Nzita Henriques Tiago that does not make the sign of life since its clandestine meeting with employees of the MPLA and colonialist Government notably Belchior Lanzo, Angolan Tiburso Zinga Luemba, as Mr Apenela Malila coming from Kinshasa-CONGO in Brusselsfor two weeks.The Executive Gover...

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Subject: warning!

June 2, 2011

To all the traitors Cabinda,

Who participated in the killing everywhere there where you are know that we are in paste and we confirm our position.


For us this murder is a declaration of open war; this is the first time that we will not forget this.


Before your misunderstanding on the law of the people of Cabinda to his no self-determination and independence, we have not the right to silence us.

Our fight is found in the imposed by you that you are willing to change your own dignit...

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February 6, 2011
Friday 4 February 2011 in room Paul Henri Spaak European Parliament the FLEC, independence movement of Cabinda declared unilaterally its independence to Angola.

According to this movement, now, should no longer say enclave of Cabinda, Republic of Cabinda.
The Charter of the new Republic was also presented.
Below, the Declaration of independence, read by Mr Actiel Bivuma, Minister of youth, before MEPs and Cabinda delegates from several European countries.

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Nelson Mandela recovering from collapsed lung

January 27, 2011

Former South African president Nelson Mandela was in the hospital in Johannesburg on Thursday for what his office said were routine tests.

The 92-year-old anti-apartheid icon undergoes regular hospital checkups. But his latest visit starting Wednesday stretched into an unusually long overnight stay, drawing extraordinary media attention.

Reuters was reporting that Mandela was being treated for a collapsed lung.

Journalists were standing outside Milpark Hospital Thursday, watching relatives...

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Angola 'negotiating Cabinda compensation' - Togo government

January 13, 2011

Togo's government says negotiations are taking place with Angola over compensation for the attack on its football team in Cabinda 12 months ago. 

Two members of the Togo party were killed and a number injured..n

Assistant coach Abalo Amelete and press officer Stanislas Ocloo were killed and several others left seriously injured.

There has been criticism of the lack of support for those affected by the attack.

"Angola is willing to work out a formula to compensate the victims," sports...

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2011 is the year that we will be work hard, warns the Cabinda Ambassador in the UK Mr. Gabriel-B-Homem

January 1, 2011

he Cabinda Ambassador in the UK Mr. Gabriel B Homem has warned that 2011 will be a "hope year", but insisted that Cabinda has a "really bright future" ahead.

In his New Year's message, the Cabinda Ambassador in the UK Mr. Gabriel Bongo Homem said that much of the "heavy lifting" for tackling the solution in Cabinda would have to take place over the next 12 months.

But he also sought to strike an upbeat note, saying that once the current problems had been dealt with, the Cabinda could be "o...

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Cabinda: Constitutional Court Remains Silent about Activists

December 9, 2010

Continues the silence of the Constitutional Court of Angola on the case of Human Rights activists last August, convicted by the courts of the enclave of Cabinda by alleged crimes against national security.

Last week the Bar Association wrote to the Constitutional Court, in essence giving you realize that nothing else prevented that men were loose. about this initiative Luís Birth said not be aware, although admit that the same has been in line with the resource already brought.

Luís Birth...

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Governance of Angola is "a disaster"

December 9, 2010

Corruption in Angola "exists since the first time". International Court against corruption is only solution, argues historian.


Washington, December 2, 2010-Angola is a giant with feet of clay "because despite its economic growth is a country marked by a growing" Squadron poor "and a" governance there is very little.

The opinion is that Carlos Pacheco has just published the book "Angola: Giant with feet of clay".

Pacheco, historian and author of several studies published on the beginning...

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The Angolan army military FAA attack against Cabindan army FLEC-FAC

December 9, 2010

The faction of the FLEC loyal Nzita Tiago claimed an attack yesterday in Cabinda … and the faction loyal to Alexandre Tati says that if there was an offensive Angolan armed force against troops of FLEC Cabindans armed forces.

Without clarification of Luanda is the possibility of having checked two attacks, one of the FLEC and another of the FAA.

The faction loyal Nzita James says that attacked the military escort a car carrying employees of a company to prospect for oil. General Pea Piril...

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