SATURDAY, 28 MAY 2011 HOURS 12: 00 UNTIL 16: 30 in the UK

"The defense system of Cabinda (Kabinda) and the war generation-current situation and threats"

The Secretary of State on defense and security of Republic of Kabinda and Ambassador of Kabinda in UK Mr. Gabriel B Homem in strategy and organization in Republic de Kabinda.

"Special Forces training and study on the new global threat"; issues of strategy, defense and intelligence (Kabinda a target).

Invite PATRIOTIC resistance of Kabinda, the leader of the FLEC and the leader of the Organization, Professor at the Institute of geopolitics and strategy General Alfonso Massango.

We are asking to the young and women aged 18 to 45 years who lives in Kabinda and outside Kabinda if you want to enroll in the Armed Force of the FLEC you can contact the Embassy.

We invite you to all Patriots to join this invitation.

We are waiting for you.