The Attorney-General of Egypt determined today (15) the transfer of former President Egyptian Hosni Mubarak clinic where he is hospitalized in the city of Sharm El Sheikh Spa, to a military hospital.

On the last day 12, was issued an arrest warrant against the former President and his two sons, Alaa and Gamal. They should be detained for two weeks.

The information is public agencies of Argentina, Telam, and Portugal, the Lusa. Mubarak is accused of corruption, abuse of power, misuse of public resources and violations of human rights.

Many of these acts, according to the denunciations, occurred in the period that he faced demonstrations in Egypt and that eventually lead to his resignation, on 11 February.

The Attorney-General of Egypt, Mahmoud Abdel Magid, did not reveal the name of the hospital where Mubarak is transferred. But one of the hypotheses is the Armed Forces International Centre, located 40 kilometres from Cairo.

Since renounced power, Mubarak and his family were under house arrest in the city of Sharm El Sheikh. With 82-year-old Mubarak was transferred, on the last day 12, to a hospital in the city on the banks of the Red Sea.

There are reports that he had heart problems. But the children of the former President were taken to a prison where political dissidents were routed.