Dear compatriots

Due to the unilateral declaration of independence of the Republic of Kabinda in Brussels on February 4, 2011, the permanent political Committee of the Front for the liberation of the Cabinda/KABINDA State; convened February 21, 2011in Switzerland has ratified the following:

1. Formation of the Republic Kabindaise, publish in the document in the Appendix.
2. The filing of the Constitution of the Republic of Kabinda as Charter Act of formalisation of a notary public in Switzerland.
3. The restructuring and reorganization of the movement, in accordance with the decision taken at the meeting of Nkoto-Likanda from 19 to 21 August 2010 in Paris, and in the constitution of the Republic of Kabinda.
4. The Republic of Kabinda privilege the way diplomacy for solving policy problems.

For the political Committee permanent of FLEC